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Help to preserve the biggest archaeological site in North Bulgaria - the COLONIA ULPIA TRAIANA RATIARA

The Bulgarian Archaeological Association (BAA) along with Association "Ratiaria" have set themselves the goal of attracting the attention of the international community and to raise funds to protect Colonia Ulpia Traiana Ratiaria. This archaeological site was one of the most important Roman and Early Byzantine centres in the lower Danube area which in the past 20 years was targeted by treasure hunters and destroyed.

Since 2008, the Bulgarian Archaeological Association carried out rescue actions on the territory of Ratiaria. For several years we have discovered 14 new Latin inscription, over 700 artifacts, more then 15 new monumental buildings, and over 20 new legionary stamps. In 2010 was uncovered the well preserved main street (decumanus maximus) of the city. All these data show that Ratsiaria is not irretrievably lost for the Roman archeology.

We're asking you, today, to take a stand for preserving this important site by making a simple donation of 5 USD. This amount is not big but if we all join to this cause the Bulgarian Archaeological Association will be able to continue its mission to track out, document and popularize the scientific sources coming from Ratiaria.

Help us to protect what has been achieved ! We need funds to:

1) Build protective device (fence) around the exposed and examined in 2011-2012 main street.
2) Install security cameras around the studied area.
3) Take emergency measures to conservation of the remains.

Bulgarian Archaeological Association thanks you for your time and generosity.


by Jamie Burrows

Monday 4-08-12 A historic day for Ratiaria and the fight to protect North West Bulgarias archaeological heritage. Or so it should have been.

It was the first time in 20 years that the Roman town had seen an international team enter the site with the intention to excavate and proceed with rescue operations. Heavily looted, the site has seen nothing but neglect by the government, leaving it to the mercy of the treasure hunters an extremely unmerciful bunch. The 20 strong team consists of participants from the US, UK, Denmark, Norway and Taiwan and Singapore and Bulgaria. With support from some key players the enthusiasm to proceed ran high; figures such as Prof. Rumen Ivanov, the most famous name in Bulgarian archaeology, join Krassimira Luka in coordination of the logistically difficult site.

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Association "Ratiaria"

In August 2011 a non-profit association - "Ratiaria" was founded in the village of Archar. The main goal of the organization is to rescue and promote the ancient city of Colonia Ulpia Traiana Ratiaria. As is known, Ratiaria is one of the most savagely damaged archaeological sites in Bulgaria and in the last 20 years it is the major center of criminal activity related to trafficking of Antiquities in Western Europe and United States. The reason for this catastrophe is the systematic violation of the Cultural Heritage Low by the responsible institutions - local authorities and Regional History Museum - Vidin. Association "Ratiaria" is a citizens' initiative, which was established as a corrective to the government and insisted on implementing the Law on Cultural Heritage in respect of Ratiaria and whole Vidin area.